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Safety, Registration & Surveys and LandLords & Land Ladies

Being both Gas Safe and Oftec qualified, I am able to install, commission and register gas and oil boilers.  Please call me with any questions.

Gas Appliance Safety
Required by law is a Landlord Gas Safety Record as there is a legal duty on owners of residential rented properties to have annual safety checks carried out on the gas appliances they provide for their tenants' use. These safety checks must be carried out by a suitably qualified and registered engineer such as myself with the results recorded in detail on a Landlord Gas Safety Record form with copies provided to the landlord and tenant.

It is advisable for residential property owners to have all gas appliances serviced and safety checked annually according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Left unchecked, appliances could leave you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Registering an Installation with Building Control 

As a qualified heating installer, I am deemed a "competent person" who is authorised to self-certify that my work complies with all local building regulations and standards. I can undertake specific works without needing to submit a building control notice. As a result, local authorities will not need to inspect my work which saves you time and money.

Once I have registered your installation, either Gas Safe or Oftec will provide your details to your local authority's Building Control Department who are required to be informed when a heat producing appliance is installed in a property.  If you own your property, the responsibility also falls upon you to ensure that Building Regulations are complied with, so it’s in your interest to ensure that an engineer notifies them of any installation work.

It could also make it more difficult to sell your home if you do not have a certificate of compliance, showing that the work was carried out safely and done in accordance with the regulations.

Surveys, Assessments, Evaluations

If you are thinking of buying a new property and would like to know more about any existing heating and hotwater systems before you go ahead and make an offer, I can provide an very reasonably priced inspection and evaluation service, complete with report which can be used in negotiating the offer you make for the property.  

  • Soot marks, condensation, faint smell of gas

  • Poor ventilation, blocked flues/incorrectly positioned flues

  • Illegal installations

  • Poorly balanced, non-adjusted burners and poor combustion exhausting

  • Potentiality of Asbestos

  • Condition of pipework

  • Poor pipework fixings, instability of appliance

  • Dangerous and faulty appliances (condemned/capped off appliances)

  • Scale build-up assessment

  • Hot water tank/cylinder position & condition

  • Appropriate lagging and insulation 

  • Water pressure & flow rate

  • Radiator size, position and thermostatic valve function

  • Condition and age of boiler and heating/hotwater system

  • Connection to gas supply

  • Oil tank position, condition and connections

  • Swimming pool boilers

Oil Boilers: Grant G1 - Accredited Installer

I am a Grant Boiler G-1 accredited installer which means I am recommended by the manufacturer to install and maintain their boiler product range.  Householders can be confident that their Grant appliance has been installed to the highest possible standard, ensuring best efficiency, reliability and return on their investment.  When I register your installation with Grant, the extended guarantee is activated.

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